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Meet The Pothos

Pothos plant - great for: - hanging in windows (creates privacy) - bathrooms (can tolerate the low light and high humidity) - high windows (trailing leaves balance a high, awkwardly situated window) - low windowsills or counter space (spots that might otherwise accumulate junk) - high corner selves (help brighten-up a dark corner) - your cubicle (can tolerate artificial light - look for those with solid green leaves.

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High Humidity Buttercream Icing Recipe - Summer's high humidity can make your icing and piped decorations wilt and droop. This buttercream recipe will help them stay fresh and pretty and combat high humidity!

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Ten Plants to Grow in Closed Terrariums & Under Cloches

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Bathroom Plants: Learn About The Best Plants For A Bathroom

By Heather Rhoades Putting plants in your bathroom is not only possible, but is also an excellent way to dress up your bathroom. Bathrooms are oftentimes the perfect environment for tropical houseplants. Their typically low light and high humidity are ideal for many houseplants. Let’s look at plants for your bathroom, even plants for bathroom…

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What to Store in Your Refrigerator Humidity Drawers — Tips from The

How to use the humidity drawers in your fridge to properly store fruits/ vegetables

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How To Grow Prayer Plants & Prayer Plant Propagation

Most people are familiar with how to grow prayer plants. The prayer plant is easy to grow but has specific needs. Learn what those needs are in this article.

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5 plants that will absorb excess humidity in your house

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