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A professional auto detailing provider in Houston like Vive can save you from the trouble of having to leave your car to an auto detailing center for a long period. Restore your car’s worth and beauty with auto detailing – call Vive at 832-613-8807 and you will reap all the benefits of car detailing in Houston.

2015 BMW 7 Series The 2015 BMW 7 Series, like the Audi A8, features a full spectrum of drivetrain choices including a turbodiesel edition (413 lb-ft of torque), a base turbocharged V-6 (315 horsepower), and the choice between turbocharged V-8 (445 horsepower) and 12-cylinder (535 horsepower) engines. Features such as an adaptive suspension system and available all-wheel drive appeal to drivers seeking both performance and security, and the BMW 7 Series can also be equipped with a full…


Offering More Than Luxury, Supercars Draw a Crowd of Makers and Buyers