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As Prime Minister, he was responsible for ordering the attack on Pearl Harbor, which initiated war between Japan and the United States, although planning for it had begun in April 1941 before he entered office. After the end of the war, Tojo was arrested, sentenced to death for Japanese war crimes by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, and hanged on December 23, 1948.

At the time of this photo Hideki Tojo was commander of the Kempeitai of the Kwangtung Army in Manchuria. Tōjō's nickname was "Razor" (Kamisori), earned for his reputation for a sharp, legalistic mind capable of making quick decisions. in 1937 Tōjō was promoted to Chief of Staff of the Kwangtung Army. As Chief of Staff, Tōjō was responsible for various military operations to increase Japanese penetration into the Mongolia and Inner Mongolia border regions with Manchukuo.


WWII Japan Minister Hideki Tojo

This is an undated photo showing War Minister General Hideki Tojo, premier designate of Japan, during his visit at the Yasukuni Memorial Shrine in Tokyo to pay homage to the Spirits of the 15,013 war dead enshrined on Oct. 16, 1944.


This material was created for the US Department of Agriculture. This material was produced during the escalation of World War II, in an attempt to promote the preservation of valuable natural resources. This poster portrayed both the Germans and Japanese as demonic figures, waiting for America to become wasteful.


Former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo General (Hideki Tōjō, 東 条 英 機, 1884-1948) provides the first evidence to the International Tribunal for the Far East (Tokyo trials) - The International Court of Japanese war criminals.