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Hi Five Meaning

Hi five! No, I mean Sci-Five! #ScienceFiction #StarTrek


Organic food can drastically increase your health and well-being. It’s important to know where your food is coming from and how it’s being processed. A great way to insure you’re getting quality fruits and vegetables is to go to your local farmers markets. You’re sure to find healthy food that tastes great and doesn’t have any harmful GMO’s. The best part is it’s most likely coming from your local community which means your helping out your surrounding neighbors as well. Cheers

Blacker than bitch or hi five to the bitch? What's under your wings? Mine are Black.


hi five - my Moxie does this with gusto. Beware the high ten!

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Loki Loves Bananas Pinner: "What's with the woman carrying a banana?"


It's this incredible human's birthday today. Hi fiving a million angels daily. LIVE I mean LOVE @roscomacpherson XXX

Thank you for +250 followers! I was so surprised many people liked my Spark comics! Have Spark Pikachu and Spark Mimikyu hi five their accomplishment of making Spark smiled to the point of fainting! Don’t worry Go is currently smac- I mean taking...


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Eat It, Teacher

Hi-fiving the President does not counter-balance the benefits of a good education. I have a long list of famous people I've met, but it just means mostly that I was lucky. My hand are far better employed in making art! Do cool stuff with your hands.