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Church In Sweden

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Let's have the GOP reimburse the American citizens for the $24 billion of our taxes they wasted. They can just use some of the money they received from the Heritage Foundation, for shutting down our government. We all know how much they abhor waste in government spending, now they can put their money where their mouths are!

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Many states backing out of Common Core. I heard Texas adopted another curriculum which was common core in disguise. The Liberals will not give up.

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☀Wildlife Heritage Foundation Wildlife Heritage Foundation 26/10/2012 by Dave learns his Dig SLR? on Flickr

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Real-life Darth Vader/ Emperor Palpatine duo now in charge of U.S. energy policy

The L.A. Times gang-wrote a terrifying feature on the Koch brothers detailing just how deeply into the House Energy and Commerce Committee the tentacles of Americans For Prosperity — the political wing of the mythical ‘Kochtopus‘ — have reached. As a result, this committee is now full of representatives who are determined to block any EPA action that would curtail the emissions of greenhouse gasses, something that Koch Industries does in spades.

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Show us the tax returns Donald! Meet the same standard every single other major presidential candidate has for the last 40 years. The IRS says there's nothing stopping him from releasing, Nixon released while under audit, Trump released while under audit to get casino licenses and the only reason I can think of that his tax attorneys wouldn't want him to release is because they're worried tax experts in the population would find something that the IRS might miss. I don't think it's that…

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