Herd immunity protects a whole community from disease by immunizing a critical mass of its populace. Vaccination protects more than just the vaccinated person. By breaking the chain of an infection's transmission, vaccination can also protect people who haven't been immunized.

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Women will walk 10 kilometers in the heat with their child to line up for the vaccine. They know the power of vaccines. We take tuem for granted here in the US because we have not seen these diseases or our children die from them.

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vaccineswork: How vaccines work for a communityEver wondered why people talk about immunisation as being important for a community, as well as for an individual? The effect in question is called herd immunity, and it means that when a group is mostly immunised, those who can’t get vaccinated are much better protected from harm since the disease isn’t as easily passed on.Thanks to Dr Nathan Boostra for reminding us of this great graphic on Twitter!

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Do you think that parents who don't vaccinate their children put society at risk for epidemics? Learn how the concept of herd immunity is being used to manipulate public behavior.

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Attorney Challenges Attack on Vaccine Religious Exemption - Say No to Thimerosal, Say No to the Flu Vaccine

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Do governments officials wish the United States to be a nation of sheep? Herd immunity doesnt apply to vaccines. (Photos.com)

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