Which is better for making herbal extracts? Glycerin or alcohol? // Indie Herbalist

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How To Make An Alcohol-Free Herbal Extract {Herbal Glycerite}| Want to use herbal extracts... but not if they're made with alcohol? Here's how to make a faster, better-tasting, non-alcoholic glycerite instead! | TraditionalCookingSchool.com

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FREE E-BOOK: Guide to Herbal Preparations by Mountain Rose Herbs - teas, tinctures, herbal extracts, salves, infused oils, herbal vinegar, glycerites, syrups, chest rubs, and fire cider

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Want to use herbal extracts ... but not if they're made with alcohol? Judy B. is in the same boat... She has small children and prefers not to give them alcohol. Watch, listen, or read to learn how to make powerful herbal extracts -- without alcohol! | AskWardee.tv

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How to Make Tinctures And Herbal Extracts: Herbs: Either fresh or dried finely chopped herbs can be used. Use of one pint of menstruum to two ounces of dried herbs, or about two handfuls of fresh.

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A tincture is an herbal extract that uses an alcohol menstruum to extract the medicinal qualities. Make a cold relief herbal tincture to deal with symptoms. The Homesteading Hippy via @homesteadhippy

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Would you like to start making herbal tinctures? Herbal glycerites? Come learn what "herbal extracts" are, about their differences, and how to use each one.

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Medicinal vinegars (Vinegar Extracts) have been around since ancient times and were an excellent way to preserve and dispense herbs before distilled spirits were known about. While the advantages of using vodka or brandy to make your herbal tinctures are many - including greater potency and longer shelf life, there are those who wish to avoid alcohol for personal reasons or cost factors, making vinegar extracts ideal for them to create. Vinegar extracts (also known as 'aceta')

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