Custom screen racks dry rosebuds, lavender, violas, red salvia, and pinks, including a lavender and rose-petal mix this avid gardener uses for tea and a confectioner's sprinkle of Viola tricolor for ice cream. | Photo: Mark Lohman |

The Ultimate Bonus Room Just Might be a Shed

screen racks used to dry flower heads inside cottage style garden shed used as bonus room

Picture frames + screen is supposed to be herb drying screens, BUT I'm thinking Bird Feeder Trays.

GARDEN CRAFTS :: DIY Herb Drying Rack :: Picture frames + screen + chain = Herb, fruit, or veggie dryer. -- Or as a rack for drying painted papers, and other art projects. Platform feeder for birds. Imagination, go wild!

Growing herbs this year? Build this DIY Herb Drying Rack to preserve and enjoy them all year long!

Herb Drying Rack to preserve and enjoy them all year long Brandon I need a large version of this, but I need a solid bin on the bottom. And it needs to be a lot bigger, my herbs are huge.

Pinewood Herb Dryer Rack System Drying racks by JaraKacaHandmade

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How to Dry Basil and other fresh herbs. Great when growing an herb garden at home. #herb #basil #garden

How to Dry Basil + Recipes using Basil- Terrific idea when you can great herbs at the farmers market or from the garden

Herb Drying Rack: ~Thyme: infection/fever tea ~Marjoram: culinary (Italian seasoning blend) ~Stevia: homegrown sweetener ~Lavender: I can't seem to grow enough. ~Lemon Balm: sedative, calming, and anti- depressive herb used in teas or bath soaks. ~Oregano: infection fighter, culinary (Italian seasoning blend).

For me the first step in my cooking yummy healthy dishes is to have a well stocked spice stock- I grow herbs year round in my kitchen - as well as what I harvest - I dry for winter--- The Herbal Wellness Pantry or the Home Apothecary

Drying herbs - and here's a suggestion about how to build your own drying racks

4 Ways to Dry Your Herbs

How to Make Herb Drying Racks. One of the main benefits of your own herb garden is access to fresh herbs, but during the winter most herbs are dormant. Drying herbs for use during colder months ensures you always have access to you.