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Hera is a Greek Goddess. She plays an important roll in this book because she is the reason Percy Jackson And Jason Grace were sent to the other camp. She is the reason the Greeks found the Romans, and why another war might start because her plan backfired.

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Hera. ~ Aka, the goddess that everyone hates. I'm not really a fan of the pictures here.

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Hera, Greek goddess of marriage, womanhood, and childbirth, was also known as queen of the gods. Her name literally means “lady”, which could well be interpreted as “The Lady”, since she was considered the alpha female of all of the Greek goddesses. She was said to be one of the most beautiful - a trait that seems to have been of extremely high importance to the goddesses, but was also one of the most jealous and spiteful of anyone in Greek mythology.:

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Hera - Greek goddess of marriage, life and love. The most beautiful goddess. Sister and wife of Zeus. The queen of all the Greek gods and goddesses. This statue of Hera is found at the Vatican.

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Hera, Greek goddess of marriage and queen of Olympus. Tormentor of Hercules, punisher of maidens ravished by her husband, generally capricious, jealous and cruelty personified...... Wow what a wife!

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Hera, Greek Goddess of Love Statue Sculpture Figurine from the Greek and Roman Reproduction Art Sculpture Collection available at

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You already know them, from left to right: Hera and her little nasty peacock, Aphrodite with panties, Persephone (a special gift for Lauren), Demeter with some vegetables, Artemis hunting some poor devil and Athena and her little owl!

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Mythology + Religion: An Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree | #Mythology #GreekMythology

Mythology + Religion: An Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree | #Mythology #GreekMythology

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Queens and Princesses of Greek Mythology: Hera / Antigone / Medea / Clytemnestra / Andromeda / Helen / Persephone thai:

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hera greek goddess | Greek Goddess of the Sky, Women, Marriage, and Fertility; Queen of ...(everything?) This cracks me up! Love the attitude!

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