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Henry Ford Anti Semitic

Henry Ford, an American hero and icon. He changed the lifestyle of the middle class and made owning an automobile possible for everyone. I think he would be proud to know The Ford Motor Company is still (and the only) US auto company following his business model.


Henry Ford ..... I didn't know him but my Great Grandfather, Harley Furrow worked for him as his personal chef and lived with his family on his property. Henry Ford used to drive my Grandmother to school in Model Ts that weren't on the market yet in 1912.


George Washington Carver and Henry Ford were close friends. Ford had an elevator installed in Carver’s dormitory at Tuskegee so that Carver could get to his laboratory more easily in his later years


Religious Roots: Henry Ford and Anti-Semitism. Avid Supporter of Hitler, Ford was one of the leading antisemites in U.S.


Henry Ford's racist (anti-semitic) propaganda on "The International Jew." Full of conjecture and generalizations but so influention this American Nazi party offers the PDF on its website today. about InternationalJew.pdf

The story of a farm boy who rose from obscurity to become the most influential American innovator of the 20th century.