In 1696, Henry Every was an English pirate who vanished after perpetrating one of the most profitable pirate raids in history; despite a worldwide manhunt and an enormous bounty on his head, Every was never heard from again.

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Apparently, Henry was partly rewritten in the western releases of FE:A. In the Japanese version Henry was more hinted to being damaged by his tragic childhood, and hiding his true feelings under his smile. This is pointed out in supports with Olivia and Cherche, where they both consider Henry's smile to be a facade to keep a distance. In the jpn ver this is confirmed as true, while in the west ver it is implied as false. How do you see our favorite psychopath?

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Infamous Pirate Henry Every, was an English pirate who operated in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Every was the most notorious pirate of his time; he earned his infamy by becoming one of the few major pirate captains to retire with his loot without being arrested or killed in battle, and also for being the perpetrator of what has been called the most profitable pirate raid in history.

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Henry Every (unknown date of birth and death, most probably 1653 - 1696) was one of the most notorious pirates during the era that is today known as "Golden Age of Pirates". Even though he operated as a pirate for only one year, he gained his significant reputation for being one of the few pirate captains who retired without being caught by the authorities, shortly after one of the most successful naval raids in the pirate history.

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In early 1695, Henry Every's ship "Fancy" reached the Comoros Islands, raiding a French vessel, and sailing north to the Arabian Sea, to confront a 25-ship convoy of Grand Mughal flagships including the treasure-laden "Ganj-i-sawai", all sailing to Mecca, and joining forces with Captain Thomas Tew, who was killed soon after. Several hours of ferocious hand-to-hand combat later, the pirates won the day, taking plunder of £600,000* in precious metals/jewels (equivalent to around £52.4m in…

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