kneel.. Now crawl to me and beg. Lovely/.
Henry Cavill will be Christian Grey?
George Henry Cavell-trimmer-alone in the coal bunker in Boiler Room No.4 When the iceberg hit.coal collapsed in on him. He dug his way out. helped the firemen draw the fires from the boilers until water got too deep then went up to boatdeck where he was ordered into boat 15.
classical relaxation in T-shirt
If Henry Cavill doesn't get the part of Christian Grey, he should definitely play Gideon Cross!
cavill | henry cavill grew up in jersey channel islands jersey is his home but ...
Ive saved this like 10 times before
24 Pictures of Henry Cavill That Will Make You Go Weak at the Knees
Henry is the inspiration for my hero TURNER in "Sexsomnia."
Henry Cavell as Clark Kent
Henry Cavell will escort Lady Kristie to the Christmas Ball, but will love to meet the other Harem Ladies as well.
Good old fashioned handsomeness. Henry Cavill, my personal Superman.