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Mandala Temporary Tattoo - Set of 2 - Gift for Her - Yoga Gift - Gift under 5 - Valentine Gift - Large Tattoo - Meditation Gift

From the Sanskrit circle our custom mandala represents balance, unity and our personal journey in life. Tattoo Size 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 2 Tattoos Included


#Mandala morning⛅️☕️ Perfect start of a new week✨ Floral #henna mandala for @ilievalisa #veronicalilu #beautiful_mandalas


This is a design I did a while ago. I've seen it recreated a lot. It's a favorite among other henna artists. I'm very honoured that you liked it so much. So I wanted to share it again. The mandala was inspired by the amazing @syraskins. I fell in love with her designs and I try to incorporate her beautiful style in my work.


I wish you all a nice week! It's monday! So let's do it! This is dried henna paste on recycled paper. I drew my favorite mandala flower with some swirls. Simple and cute.