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"For an ADHD child, doing school homework can be difficult. Learn how to help your ADHD child with homework with these 6 simple steps."

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Back to school help with essential oils to help with homework. Focus with valor, brain power, clarity. Diffuse Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint.

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Tips for Parents On How to Help With Homework

Tips for Parents On How to Help With Homework. Homework time doesn't have to be stressful if organization and guidance is involved. -

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7 Tips for Improving Your Child’s Homework and Study Skills

Homework and studying can be a source of stress for kids and parents alike. Good study habits can help with the stress. Here are some ideas for improving kids’ homework and study skills.

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algebra sheet- for when I have to remember the math I learned to help my nephew with homework

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ADHD Adults and Distractions: Concentrating with White Noise | ADDitude - Attention Deficit Disorder Advice | I don't think my son in particular has ADD but he does have a hard time completing his work (does great listening) so maybe white noise will help.

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13 Unbendable Homework Rules For Kids With ADHD

Nightly homework got you down? Follow these 13 unbreakable rules to help your ADHD child make the most of homework time.

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At a Glance: 7 Ways to Teach Your Middle-Schooler Organization Skills

In middle school, kids have to learn how to deal with more homework and a busy social calendar. Learning organizational skills and how to prioritize time is important. Here are some ways to teach those skills.

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FREE My Editing Checklist - 1 sheet. I used this with my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to help them review and improve their writing. If any of their boxes are checked "NO" they must go back and correct the mistakes and check the "CORRECTED" box after they have fixed their mistakes. I kept this sheet at our Writing Center and also had students use them for Writing Homework assignments.

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