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Love Wheel – Son of Heatwave: Song:Love Wheel Artist: Son of Heatwave Part of “A Tribute to Daniel… #Skatevideos #Heatwave #love #wheel

"What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" performed by Joan Osborne with Jimmy Ruffin's original band. This is a killer, soulful rendition.

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Heatwave Holiday: A Summer Celebration Of A Band Too Hot To Handle

Heatwave's songs reviewed that featuring the late Johnnie Wilder Jr,gone for a decade this year,that really set the bar high for melodically complex disco and funk! Heatwave are a band that remind me of summertime perhaps even more than the Beach Boys do. I’ve told the story over and over of being introduced to the bands second album from 1978 Central He…

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This classic has hit many generation, holding strong as a leading songs for weddings. It sounds as beautiful as when it did the fist time you may of heard it..Makes you want to grab your honey and dance or it brings backs memories of the past. Either way, it's simply a classic....

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Amazing footage featuring the legendary Heatwave - 'Always & Forever'. Originally from the LP 'Too Hot to Handle' (1976).

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