I've learned that my life ain't mine & God typically trusts me with a bit more than I would like. But, it always leaves me in a place of total & constant surrender to Him. So, cheers to no more stressing out over what God has already taken care of. The end. via #heatherlindsey

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God told Abraham to leave his family & go to a place that He will show Him. It didn't mean that Abraham hated his family, He just loved God more & wanted to please Him. Abrahams parents worshipped the moon so God had to get him away from that mindset & home-ruling order. So, let God lead you right out of the wrong relationships. Love them. Forgive them.. Just from a distance. -via Heather Lindsey <3

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You will stand before God one day & your spouse won't be with you. Your husband is a great man, but I can assure you that he makes a terrible god. He can't fix all your problems & save you because Jesus already did that. Spend time with God daily so that He will give you strength to be a helpmeet, not a draining, nagging, complaining wife. Bring something to the table besides lipstick & a good job. -via Heather Lindsey

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Heather Lindsey: Why I Said "NO" To His Engagement Proposal"

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Heather Lindsey - "I love having a peaceful home. I intentionally keep OUT people, TV shows, thoughts, music & whatever else that could potentially cause drama in my home. Ladies, as "keeper of the homes" (Titus 2) make sure that you keep out confusion & don't be afraid to have a standard. It doesn't make you better than anyone, instead it makes you wise. A wise woman doesn't open the door to satan & give him a foot into her home or heart. #Unashamed #NoDrama"

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