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Heath Ledger makes smoking look soooo good!
"Hey, where've you been? I am literally starv--" "Singe, if you tell me you're starving one more time..." "But I haven't eaten since...breakfast! And I've been training all morning!" "You started training an hour ago, silly. But here you go." "Oh yeah!" Singe howled with joy, catching the red plastic bag. "My Doritos!"
Thats really, really sexy! o.o
Heath Ledger ❤️ beautiful mind, body, and soul.
Heath Ledger--love this pic of him
10 Things I Hate About You- Heath Leadger love him and this movie
Heath.   So sad he is gone...talent was incredible!
Photos: Heath Ledger Remembered | Vanity Fair
To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die...
Heath Leadger by juliet