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30 Sexy Under Breast Tattoos You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off

I like the greens and parts of the tattoo. I definitely don't like the placement.

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Chakras for beginners - Easiest explanation ever for the Seven chakras

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Heart Chakra Tattoo Flash.png Ink on paper, 8x10" STORE:

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The benefit of learning about your own chakra system is for you to understand on a whole (whole = body, mind and spirit in harmony) that when all parts of you (all of your seven chakra centers) are communicating equally and working in alliance with each other, you will have little or no energy disorders.

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This one is perfect, i love it. You will only see it in a bikini. Beautiful spiritual heart chakra tattoo. I want to het this before summer.

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spirituality philosophy Spiritual energy healing chakras crown chakra heart chakra root chakra third eye chakra Higher consciousness throat chakra solar plexus chakra sacral chakra

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Tai-Van @cryoftheforests | Boulder, Colorado “Trust in your heart.” Heart chakra tattoo.tumblr: taivantattoo taivantattoo@gmail.comOCTOBER: Portland, Maine - final month tattooing at Twine Street Tattoo before permanently relocating to Colorado.

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