Heart blockage symptoms

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First, you need to know that heart failure is one of the leading causes of death among men and women in the US. This health problem usually happens when a person has clogged arteries, which are supplying the human heart with oxygen-rich blood. Well, this leads to a lack of oxygen in the heart, which…

Peripheral Arterial Disease – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Ongoing care - Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a manifestation of systemic atherosclerosis in which there is partial or total blockage in the arteries, exclusive of the coronary and cerebral vessels. Read more: http://health.tipsdiscover.com/peripheral-arterial-disease-causes-symptoms-diagnosis-treatment-ongoing-care/#ixzz2lVQ9LyCy

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I am so glad I knew these signs when my dad had them and knew it was an emergency share this it may save someone you love or someone elses loved one!!!

Stroke occurs when the oxygen supply to the brain is cut off either due to a blockage (Ischemic stroke) or damage (Hemorrhagic stroke) in the blood vessel. I May not have had a stroke, however, I have suffered from the same effects from my big overdose.

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Heart Attack - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment of Heart Attack - NY Times Health Information

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Did That Stent Save My Life? Pretty much everyone knows someone who has had a stent placed in his or her heart. The story told by the patient with the stents is classic. The chest pains had been coming and going for a while, but they had been passed off as indigestion or muscle pain. Tests were done, and showed that in fact these symptoms were due to a blockage in one of the main arteries supplying the heart! They were lucky to have made it this far, but luckily the cardiologist was on…

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A urinary blockage is a life threatening condition. It can be fatal in as little as 24 hours and symptoms are not always noticeable until things are extremely serious. Not only is this EXTREMELY PAINFUL but the kidneys are not able to remove toxins from the blood and maintain a proper chemical balances in the body. From this the cats heart will fail as a result of electrolyte imbalance. IF YOU NOTICE ANY OF THESE SIGNS IN YOUR CAT RUSH HIM TO THE NEAREST VETERINARY HOSPITAL!

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According to the American Heart and Stroke Association, heart disease and strokes are the number one leading cause of death around the world, most of which suffer from first-time or recurrent heart attacks. Heart attacks are the result of:

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