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Not sure if I actually want to do this considering I kind of enjoy being sore.

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well i'm in pain a lot so... anybody wanna help me out with that?? *wink wink* -k.e.m.

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I will have to try this. If you feel tired even after a good night's sleep, you might be dehydrated. Drinking water can help wake you up.

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Mine must be in overdrive, when I set my alarm I usually wake up 15-20 mins early

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so sleep early ;)

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No wonder your anxiety and depression is gone. Lol muah

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You have the banana glow today.

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I'm saying it now. I will not teach my children these things out of some narcissistic PTA-Style competitive... whatever. I will teach my children things that will better them.

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We'll see.... I do this. I'll let you know.

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10 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Learning to set healthy boundaries is one of the most powerful tools you have in relationship. They empower you and keep you safe. They are not about controlling someone else. For more, click the image.

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