Black Sabbath - Headless Cross 1. The Gates Of Hell 2. Headless Cross 3. Devil & Daughter 4. When Death Calls 5. Kill In The Spirit World 6. Call Of The Wild 7. Black Moon 8. Nightwing

Headless Cross Headless Cross Track Listings 1. Gates of Hell 2. Headless Cross 3. Devil and Daughter 4. When Death Calls 5. Kill in the Spirit World 6. Call of the Wild 7. Black Moon 8. Nightwing

Black Sabbath / Gates Of Hell / Headless Cross / 1989 IRS Metal Promo CD Single

Headless Cross Black Sabbath’s 1989 Album — the Singer Tony Martin’s Short-Lived Era. Digitally Remastered and Reissued in 1996. Includes Original Art, Liner Notes and Track Sequence. Features the Bone-Crushing Tracks “Headless Cross”, “Devil and Daughter”, “When Death Calls” and Six More. Essay by Hugh Gilmour.


Black Sabbath Three Cassettes: Headless Cross Paranoid Mob Rules

What this sign is saying is that you can cross with your horse unless you have a headless horse than it's no.

Steve Pound and Mayor Pat Witherspoon with the new painting. (s) HEADLESS Cross Green was the location for the grand unveiling of a painting inspired by the site. Mayor Pat Witherspoon (right) uncovered the artwork by Steve Pound (left) during Apple Day at the community orchard. Steve was inspired to paint Headless Cross Scarecrow, using oils on canvas, by the scarecrows displayed in the area at the May Fayre earlier this year. Read more: Headless Cross painting revealed | Redditch…

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