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Rare Victorian Irish Crochet Lace Gown / Ivory / Full Length / Wedding Gown / MINT /Size Medium

VICTORIAN IRISH CROCHET LACE WEDDING GOWN Exquisite RARE Victorian Irish Lace Gown from West Virginia Estate. Reputed to have belonged to one of Grover Clevelands Lady friends before he was elected President. Truly one of the best examples I have EVER seen in my 30 years of collecting vintage clothing. Fully lined in silk with an additional layer of cotton net backing in between the Lace and the silk lining. So many wonderful details; I could go on and on. I will say It is in near mint…

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pinterest: @mylittlejourney | tumblr: @toxicangel | twitter: @stef_giordano | ig: @stefgphotography

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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In 1858, the 1st Black pianist to win national fame was Thomas Greene Bethune, or “Blind Tom” (1849-1908). Born a blind slave near Columbus, GA, his talent as a composer & a pianist was soon recognized by Colonel Bethune; who purchased him in 1850. The child prodigy made his debut in Savannah, GA & for over 40 yrs amazed his audiences “with his artistry & his gift for total recall” of the more than 700 pieces that he played.

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Plot twist! Dean failed bringing his brother out of the fire when he was 4. Sammy died, Dean has spent the past 30 something years in a coma, and John would make up stories about evil monsters and hunters that saved people in order to comfort him. John died of a heart attack though at the end of season two, so Dean's dreams have only gotten more twisted. Because he knew, deep in the back of his mind, that his father was gone. And it killed him.

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Eren tries to get Armin to curse (Attack on Titan) 1/2 Source:

Eren tries to get Armin to curse (Attack on Titan) 1/2 Source:

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Mummy of Inamonnefnebu (151 x 51.5 cm), Thebes, Egypt, 700–650 BC. A blue faience cylinder bead net covers the underlying shroud. The bead mosaic design consists of a winged scarab on the throat, a collar on the chest with blue and red cylinder beads, a winged goddess on the abdomen, and four Sons of Horus on the thighs. Hieroglyphs on the lower legs say: An offering which the King gives to Osiris, Lord of Aby[dos], may he grant a good burial | Mummy; linen; faience

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1 Man. $60,000 in debt to $1 Million Dollars: He's Telling you his story today:

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That's a quote from Artemis fowl and the names have just been changed.

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mosaicrecords: “Warne Marsh: His Daahoud Warne Marsh was a true disciple of Lennie Tristano in the fact that he embraced true improvisation with no pet phrases or other safety nets. Every time I saw him live, I was amazed at his brave, unrelenting...

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