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"He's adopted." And we all know it is a scientific fact that James is Sirius' boyfriend (NOT in a romantic way!). I know two people who are quite like those two only more serious.

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Whenever He Goes Diving, This Shark Comes To Cuddle With Him (This Has Been Going On For 7 Years)

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DESI - A1098780 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/14/17 A volunteer writes: Desi came with sister Lucy to the care center as their owners were evicted. Lucy already left us as she was adopted. Now it’s Desi’s turn to start the New Year as a happy family pet, a status he so deserves after a difficult start. While in our care, Desi gained weight and was shown kindness with the attention given to him by staff and volunteers. He is a beautiful and elegant dog, very

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It was about three or four years before I got anything properly on screen. I remember also, though, my Mum when I was younger and showing interest [in acting]—perhaps if you get knocked by bad reviews and stuff, she would see that it would hurt a bit. - Eddie Redmayne

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19 Super-Interesting Facts About Pixars Inside Out Fantastic Beasts - Inside the Obscurus, Credence reaches out to Tina, the only person who has ever done him an uncomplicated kindness. He looks at Tina, desperate and afraid. He has dreamed of her ever since she saved him from a beating.

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sweetfinjadrawings: “ “She kept her stare locked on his as she let go of his face and slowly, making sure he understood every step of the way,tilted her head back until her throat was arched and bared before him. “Aelin,” he breathed. Not in...

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omg! I would cry if he says that haha

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Tina laughing: is something supposed to be in there? Newt flustered but grinning widely BC SHE SAID YES: Yeah, uh, hold on *turns to hunt down niffler then turns around and holds out his hand to her* "Like old times?" He would say witht that grin she loves so much. And she would laugh and tease him as she took his hand and they ran through town chasing a fantastical beast.

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This is literally the sweetest thing I have ever read ! She seems like a nice person and is very beautiful so Michael is definitely one lucky guu❤

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