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Why Daenerys Targaryen Is Our Bad A** Of The Month

Daenerys Targaryen - Mother Of Dragons Please just make her Queen already!!! She is kick ass!! :D


#HBO presenta nuevos capítulos de su primera serie de cortometrajes Fantasmagorías Las historias que atemorizaron a generaciones de latinoamericanos son contadas en la serie animada disponible de forma gratuita este mes a través de HBO GO. Las populares leyendas urbanas latinoamericanas llegan a HBO GO en nuevos capítulos de Fantasmagorías la primera producción de cortometrajes de HBO Latin America. Hasta el 30 de noviembre HBO dará acceso de forma gratuita a la serie a través de su…

With the Fire TV Stick, you plug the HDMI-ready dongle into a port on your TV or display, connect to WiFi, then stream music, movies, and all sorts of other content through partners like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Pandora, and ESPN. You can even game on the Fire TV Stick Searches related to where to buy Fire TV Stick on buy fire tv stick

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Secondhand smoke: Exposure to secondhand smoke linked to psychological problems in children and teens

Children and teens exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to develop symptoms for a variety of mental health problems, including major depressive disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and others, according to a study published in Tuesday’s edition of the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 4/5/2011

2 Game of Thrones Season 3 on HBO. While should the new and innovative season commencement? What main attributes are going to be killed off? Will possibly Joffrey be killed?


a gifset of #Jacob Pitts as Deputy Marshal # Tim Gutterson on #Justified FX in a DELETED scene from S5. You'll notice Pitts as Gutterson is one of the most beautiful men on the planet Earth. Join me, won't you, in trying to get a #TimGuttersonSpinOff going. One place to start might be Graham Yost - twitter handle @YostGraham. Just let him know what you want.Yost was smart enough to hire Pitts 2x before (HBO's The Pacific & Justified on FX.)Third time's a charm.

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Here's the Trailer For The Leftovers, Your New Favorite HBO Show