Cool idea! We picked up a bunch of hands and feet at Dollar Tree store, so this would be a cheap scare.

Front porch idea or great idea for haunted house. the real trick is to have a false wall that someone stands behind, reaching an arm through. Grab at (dont touch!( guests as they pass through.

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glow in the dark eyes made with toilet paper rolls & glow sticks from 16 Easy But Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations.

jeepers creepers in the corn maze | Thread: Working in Haunted cornfield this fall, need ideas

You think that's just a scarecrow. That's Jeepers Creepers and he's coming for you. I'm not taking the dog out tonight. She just better cross her legs.

for the haunted hayride - haunted walk - haunted house - heads on a platter

Meghan Hebert (left) and Kayla Doughty display their table manners in one of about 40 exhibits that are part of the Linneus Haunted Hayride.

Hocus Pocus "Come Little Children" sign for the front yard at Halloween. This would work for a Hansel & Gretel theme too.

Hocus Pocus "Come Little Children" sign for the front yard~~I wonder if this would cut down on the number of Trick or Treaters we get at our house!