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Haughtiness meaning

Symbolic Meanings of Wedding Flowers

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The Star (XVII) is the seventeenth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination. Wikipedia

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'Disdain' has many negative meanings, contempt, haughtiness, being above someone. The reader can visualize 'Her show of disdain..."

The sunflower had at least two meanings. The dwarf sunflower signifies adoration. The tall sunflower, haughtiness.

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Larkspur...brightness, lightness, and levity. Pink...fickleness. Purple...Haughtiness.

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Petunia - symbolism can differ depending on a person’s intentions. Petunias can represent haughtiness, resentment and anger over something the recipient has done. In contrast, when petunias are given to a loved one, their pleasant appearance means the recipient’s presence is soothing to the other person.

Flowerstuck by xXischaXx Rose: Lavender Roses -enchantment Roxy: Pink Roses -admiration, joy and gratitude John: Anemone -also called wind flower Jane: Daffodil -unrequited love, fortells misfortune, but also friendship Jade: Gerbera Daisy -cheerfulness Jake: Sunflower -pure thoughts, haughtiness Dave: Lilly of the valley -purity of heart Dirk: Gladiolus -also called sword flower, means strength of character, faithfulness and honor

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