Ohh, i didn't think about an arts and crafts project! :-) Perhaps we get some plain hats for everyone to make for themselves. Or, perhaps that's one of the games where people could win prizes!

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RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Decorated Christmas Trees Trendy Tree Blog

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DIY Mad Hatter Hats Tutorial, Template, and Printable Paper from Seeing Things here. This was one of my favorite sites at Halloween with great altered books and whimsical paper shoes.

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October 6th 2013, National Mad Hatter Day! It's always fun to go a little mad; giggle, dance, add too much sugar to your tea. In 1986 some computer-folk in Boulder, CO celebrated a general day of silliness, inspired by the drawings of the Mad Hatter by John Tenniel in Alice In Wonderland. It was announced that year on computer networks, becoming more popular as people realized its value. Mad Hatter Hat (by J Ferwerda)

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DIY Mad Hatter Hats Tutorial, Template, and Printable Paper from Seeing Things here. BLOG IS DEAD. This is a snapshot from the way back machine. The links DO WORK for the PDF PATTERNS (for now). If you like this download it A.S.A.P. This tutorial is not by me. It is a snapshot of Seeing Thing’s Tutorial that no longer exists. I feel an obligation to my readers who reblogged it and people who pinned this to print the tutorial. How about a Christmas tree full of Mad Hatter Hats. Or ...

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1996. Isabella Blow in a hat by Philip Treacy. This photo is on the front cover of the book "Blow by Blow: The Story of Isabella Blow"

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Mad Scientist Steampunk Brain Specimen in a Jar Top Hat - Part of the Bella Bows Dress Design Contest August 1st-15th

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