The Featured Creature: "Jason's mask" Huntsman Spider

If you’re ever snooping around the rainforests of Ecuador you better watch your back because a “Jason’s mask” Harvestman Spider might be lurking just around the corner.

This image shows the magnified eyes of a Harvestman spider — Palangium opilio, also commonly known as a daddy longlegs.

20 eye-opening microscopic images from the Olympus BioScapes Competition

Frontal section of Phalangium opilio (Harvestman/Daddy longlegs) eyes (Image: Igor Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition)

Ok, I'm really freaked out right about now!

Harvestman spider guarding her young. While these spiders are not at all dangerous to humans in terms of toxicity, they are famous for appearing in various places in cars and causing accidents.

Harvestman in Valdivian rainforest South AmericaChileLake districtLos LagosnaturenobodyValdiviatemperatefaunaOpilionesinsectrain forestanimalwildlifeharvestmanspider  Photographer: Gerhard Huedepohl   Country: Chile    © copyright 2010 Gerhard Huedepohl - all rights reserved

Harvestman in Valdivian rainforest South America Chile Lake district Los Lagos Valdivia Opiliones insect rain harvestmanspider Photographer: Gerhard Huedepohl Country: Chile © copyright 2010 Gerhard Huedepohl - all rights reserved

Harvestman Spider penis, Thelbunus mirabilus.

Harvestman Spider penis, Thelbunus mirabilusIt’s Not Size That Matters, It Is Shape

Scientists in Brazil have discovered a new species of spider, which they have named after a character from the Lord of the Rings, Smeagol, better known for his alter ego, Gollum. The “Iandumoema smeagol” is a troglobitic harvestman spider believed to be found only in caves in the area.

Brazilian cave spider named after Lord of the Rings’ Smeagol

Yellow harvestman (Opiliones sp.) by pbertner, via Flickr

Found during a night hike in San Pedro cloud forest, Manu national park, Peru.

Why do Harvestmen Clump Together // Harvestman Spider Why do Harvestmen Clump Together // Harvestman Spider The Opiliones are an order of arachnids colloquially known as Harvestman Spider harvesters or daddy longlegs. Although both harvestmen and spiders are arachnids the two orders are not otherwise closely related. Scientific name: Opiliones Rank: Order Higher classification: Dromopoda Phylum: Arthropoda Subclass: Dromopoda harvestmen cluster harvestman uk harvestman vs daddy long legs…

Free High Definition Stock Video Footage of an Arachnid most commonly known as a "Daddy Longlegs" sitting on a tree guarding a friend

This Harvestman spider from Ecuador has fascinating markings. Aside from the pretty spots, he’s also well armed with spikes on his back and legs. Andreas Kay took this photo at the Yasuni Research Station.

Photo: Polka-dot spider with spikes