The L Street Brownies taking the Polar plunge every year in Boston.  Photo from

L Street Brownies, community members set to take annual plunge on Tuesday

L Street Brownies, community members set to take annual plunge on Tuesday

Gary Fretz, a New Orleans native, received his degree from Tulane University ("Harvard of The South"). Having owned 37 boats and yachts (including two Lagoon catamarans), Gary became a Yacht and Ship Broker in 1989. In 22 years as a broker and yacht sales manager, Gary has supervised over 1,450 yacht deals which included hundreds of catamarans. So, he has seen just about every problem that can occur and knows how to keep his clients out of trouble.

Catamaran Broker Gary Fretz at Ocean Yachting International. Biography of Gary Fretz, catamaran broker.

<b>"Excuse me, I'm a Harvard (of the South...OK, it was Emory) graduate."</b>

And are convinced that Emory students are better at being doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, consultants and foreign aid workers than rappers.

"Excuse me, I'm a Harvard (of the South.OK, it was Emory) graduate.

Harvard of the South (often stylized HARVARD of the SOUTH) is a four-piece rock band side project/supergroup which released its first recordings and played its first live concerts in 2014, but has its beginnings in collaborations between Longwave/Hurricane Bells singer/guitarist Steve Schiltz and Blue October which date back to 2011. Harvard of the South released their debut EP Miracle in October 2014, and plan to release a full-length LP in 2015.

Harvard of the South ‘Miracle’ EP Available Exclusively at Sway Tour Concerts

While in Boston take the T. InterContinental Boston is located 2 blocks from South Station (Red Line).

Official Map: MBTA Rapid Transit/Key Bus Routes Map – Boston, Massachusetts I haven’t really looked at the Boston MBTA map since I was there for a few days in the middle of but I certainly don’t.

Harvard of the South - Miracle~The sound takes me to the 80's. Sort of reminds me of the Psychedelic Furs.

Harvard of the South - song Miracle~ with Justin Furstenfeld. I respect copyrights. View once then purchase if like it. Support artists and speakers.