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Harvard College

Harvard University

Harvard University is my absolute dream school. Everything about it: the history, the intellect, Boston, the exclusivity makes me fall in love.


Found this labeled Harvard University and thought "That's Hogswart" and seriously laughed out loud. Then one of my employees looked over and asked if I was ok. Couldn't stop laughing


Harvard Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard Library isn't necessarily the most beautiful library in the world, though it does provide cozy and a predictably academic setting for students, but it certainly has a place in a list of the most amazing university libraries in the world for a number of reasons.


How to Take Free Courses from Top Universities

World-famous Harvard University currently offers 42 of its classes for free online. Many of these classes on edX, like Introduction to Computer Science, are self-guided and ready to start anytime you’re are. Others, like AnatomyX, run on a fixed schedule. Some even offer college credit through the Harvard Extension School for a fee; otherwise, completion earns you a nifty free ‘Honor Code’ certificate. You can browse Harvard’s online course listing at