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15 Amazing Secrets Hidden Inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

15+Amazing+Secrets+Hidden+Inside+The+Wizarding+World+of+Harry+Potter -


List of Harry Potter spells and their classifications. Love how some of these are from the Harry Potter computer games. #ilovethesepeople


Harry Potter Valentines - Harry Potter Valentine Cards - Digital File

Need fun Harry Potter themed Valentines for you or your kiddo? Look no further, these are the ONES for you! This listing is an immediate digital


Creating a Harry Potter spellbook is a fantastic idea! One could be made using yellowing parchment and old-seeming binding, and placed on a stand during a party. Or, it could be a prize for a difficult Harry Potter-related game. Perhaps they can be organized based on function, (ex. attack, defense, etc.). This could be one website to help speed the process: -SvH


This is exactly how I feel. I'm not ashamed to say that 'Azkaban' comes as easily to me as the word 'yes'. I love you, HRH. ❤❤❤❤❤