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Tunnel vision: a history of the London tube map

Eureka! Henry Becks original drawing for the diagrammatic tube map (1931), which sets out routes and stations according to clarity rather than geographical accuracy

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Meet Harry Beck, the genius behind London's iconic subway map

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Ten of the greatest maps that changed the world

London Tube Map, 1933. Harry Beck's Underground map solved the problem of how to represent clearly a dense, complex interweaving of train lines. Placing the stations at similar intervals regardless of their true locations, Beck;s map was dismissed as too revolutionary when it was first submitted.

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We designers salute you Harry Beck, designer of the iconic Tube map. The blue plaque at 14 Wesley Road in east London.

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Alphabets: A Miscellany of Letters by David Sacks

London-based designer and illustrator Tim Fishlock posterized Harry Beck's famous alphabet made of sections and lines from the London Underground map. (Quoted from

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London Underground map: Harry Beck, 1931. Timeless, attractive, and perfectly functional. A map that is genius. @Design Council #GBdesign

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Meet Harry Beck, the genius behind London's iconic subway map

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British Royal Mail has issued a set of ten stamps featuring 20th century british design classics

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London's Tube map creator Harry Beck gets blue plaque

Tube map designer Harry Beck is to have his iconic design officially commemorated, on the 80th anniversary of its first public appearance

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