This guy is awesome... Looking a bit ragged, but awesome none the less

Who’s the Geekiest ? – Harrison Ford responds to T-shirt Ian McKellen

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.  Married 2010

Stars Say I Do! The Year in Celebrity Weddings

To the surprise of their friends and family, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were married June 15 by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson at his hilltop mansion in Santa Fe.

Harrison and sons

Harrison Ford with his sons Ben and Willard Their mother is Mary Marquardt.

John Boyega seems to like Harisson Ford

John Boyega seems to like Harisson Ford

John Boyega seems to like Harisson Ford - Oh my gosh, their off-screen relationship is pretty much identical to their character's relationship hahahaha

Harrison Ford - 1980//

Officials Release New Details About Harrison Ford's Plane Crash

My first man crush thanks to Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford, salivating a little.

Harrison Ford. Always and forever will I desire and idolize him. :) *** Totally named my son after him. Aaaand he lives in Jackson, WY. Ahem my son's name is Jackson Jeffrey Harrison (2 middle names).

In Harrison Ford was nominated for an Oscar - Best Actor in a Leading Role for: "Witness"

This is true, and how has everyone thought of that.

Naming my first son Harrison and no one can stop me