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''Light, both in life and in art, has b een an intriguing concept for me. I pour myself onto each painting I create and every time the motivation is finding the light.'' - Josef Kote

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"'4 Part Harmony in Pink'" Created by Milon Townsend One of a Kind Kiln cast using an ancient and innovative process called ceromancy, hot wax is carefully poured into cold water to create the shimmering organic patterns that flow from the figures within the panel. The figures were created by flameworking glass in a torch, and making a mold of that figure from which to make wax figures for inclusion in the artwork.

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In the history of Art, many Artists did choose at one point to deliberately break the rules of their time, rules about composition, perceptive, narration, etc…

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Chloe Sevigny in "Kids" directed by Larry Clark, screenplay by Harmony Korine

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Gorgeous work by German sculptor, Angela Glajcar. Her latest features reams of layered and torn white paper, which create a captivating tunnelling effect. “Weiss Ist Das Neue Schwarz” (or “White is the New Black”) is on view at the Heitsch Gallery in … Continue reading →

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