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Hardwood Floor Wax

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How to Make Hardwood Floors Shine Like They Are Wet

Hardwood is a beautiful flooring that is long-lasting. Regular foot traffic and cleaning with store-bought cleaners and wax causes hardwood to look scuffed, dirty and dull. But you can revive a hardwood floor to make it look new and add a wet shine to it as well. To get the look of a freshly cleaned, shiny and wet hardwood floor, you'll only need...


Young House Love - One young family + one old house = love. - Part 6

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How To Clean, Gloss Up, And Seal Dull Old Hardwood Floors

Spiffing up sad looking floors: Wax On, Wax Off | Young House Love

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How to Remove Floor Wax Buildup

If your floor is developing a mysterious dull black or brown film over it then chances are you've got a cleaning wax buildup on the floor. Floor wax can accumulate in the cracks and crevices or low points of your floor causing an unsightly appearance that hides the beauty of your floor. Learn how to clean wax buildup and make your floors sparkle.

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Homemade Floor Wax Remover

Wax buildup can so discolor a hardwood floor that some people, mistaking the darkness and yellowing for deterioration of the wood, unnecessarily refinish the floor. Old wax also gives vinyl and laminate floors a drab finish, and you may never regain the original vibrancy of these materials until you remove it. Several commercial wax removers are...

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How to Fix Scratched Hardwood Floors in No Time

You don't have to live with scratched hardwood floors! There is a super easy way to fix shallow scratches and it doesn't cost a lot!


Tips For Using Bona Refresher As A Floor Polish (Instead Of Using Floor Wax) - How To Make Hardwood Floors Shine Without Damaging Them!


Best floor finish on the market! After I use my shark to clean, I then give it a shine. "Protects and shines hardwood, tile, vinyl, marble, linoleum, no-wax,and most hard surface flooring." I found it to be the longest wearing shine, even with just one coat..up to six coats can be used. Removes easily with straight Vinegar. Can use it occassioally to bring back shine without having to remove the old w/no sticky build up. No smell, made in the USA, safe to use around kids & pets.


refinishing floors....easy way....


Save Green Being Green: #143 Homemade Natural Floor Wax