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Hardcore Meaning

This is such an important point. Since Trump's election, I have read so many comments to the tune of "this is all the fault of identity politics! White men just got so sick of being blamed for everything, and that's why we voted for a racist, sexist fraud!" Maybe if people talking about their problems upsets you, you should, I dunno, examine your own behaviour to see why.


One of my favorite music quotes . You call it demonic because you hear screaming I call it live saving because I hear the meaning. In This moment , Maria Brink is a huge inspiration to me . and hardcore music in general has meaning to me and got me through all the hard times .


I hate this because you can still be a hardcore anime fan but not have a ton of merch or go to events, maybe they just don't have the money to buy the expensive merch or the means to travel across the country to an event. You can love anime without having a literal shrine to it.

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CNN denies airing 30 minutes of hardcore porn

Haa Haa! Last night, CNN appears to have accidentally aired 30-minutes of hardcore pornography to viewers after a grave error by RCN, a cable TV provider based in New Jersey. Though viewers were tuning in for a new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, the show's title took on an entirely new meaning when the scheduled programming was replaced with explicit material starring transsexual pornstar Riley Quinn.

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Does Looking Sexy Have An Expiration Date


I hate when people say that falling in reverse just isn't as good as the other bands like bvb, or ptv. I love both of those bands and falling in reverse and ya there not as hardcore anymore but there still amazing and inspirational