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A woman that cuts down a hard working man is a woman is with a lazy slug that mooches off anyone and everything .. just shows her jealousy! She is closer in age to his children and they have ZERO respect for her! They find her disgusting and repulsive ! Just like everyone else! Only a useless dead beat finds her desirable


I hate that he works all the time, but I hate more that spoiled little (fat) bitches want to make snippy comments. My man works HARD, a word foreign to them. He always asks if it's okay, and it is, because in this economy, every bit is needed. Plus overtime? Yes please. We have money, but it's good to have more than you need :) welcome to the real world bitches! When you're on your own dime you'll get it. Hahaha


My hubby is such a hard worker! He works hard EVERYDAY to provide and take care of us and OUR kids!! I am so blessed


"yes yes yes! if my future husband is working his ass off for ME AND OUR FAMILY, then i will respect and love him with my entire being! he is choosing to take up his role as the bread winner, so where in my position should i complain!?!"

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