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Edgy sterling silver hoop earrings in a contemporary design and dark matte finish embellished with silver balls - "Compass Earrings"


Ritual Ceramic Cup

This marbled ceramic cup is sized to fit in the hand comfortably and hold just the right amount of your preferred morning brew. Hand thrown from a mixture of dark and light stoneware clays giving each piece its own unique and strikingly beautiful landscape.


Cowboy John Ware (1845?-1905) An ex-slave from Texas, John Ware followed the expansion of the cattle ranching industry westward until in 1882, he found his way to the foothills while driving 3000 head for the North-West Cattle Company. There, his prodigious strength and remarkable horsemanship won him a reputation as a cowman who drove himself as hard as his cattle..


Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly [Vinyl New]

Folk art on old early door panel of 5 sheep!! Original painting on the door. Original hard ware too!! Panel is 15 in wide x 22 in long. Does have a hanging chain.


Plastic Restoration in Seconds! Here's how; purchase a heat gun at your local hard ware store, I bought my "Drill Master" at Harbor Freight for $14.99. Make sure plastic surface is clean of dirt and grime, you don't want to seal in dirt. Slowly guide the heat gun over the plastic keeping a few inches apart from it. You will notice the new layer of dark plastic, continue one small section at a time until it looks new again. Once your done coat the plastic with a protective layer of Miguiers…