Assorted Box of Japanese Sweets for New Year Celebration (Osechi-Style)|お菓子のおせち

Assorted Box of Japanese Sweets for New Year Celebration (Osechi-Style)|お菓子のおせち i want one miss the good stuff

Happy New Year!! New Year Lunch Japanese Bento.

Happy New Year! New Year Lunch Japanese Bento. I love the idea of having samples of a bunch of different things.

Happy New Year 1999 Andrew Valko RCA, Born Prague, Tchécoslovaquie 1957; étudié l'impression de bloc de bois au Japon avec le maître graveur Toshi Yoshida.

Wood block print example 1 Happy New Year, 1999 by Andrew Valko R. Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1957 he studied wood block printing in Japan with master printmaker Toshi Yoshida.

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Japanese Culture Osechi: The Elegance of the New Year Table (Photos) |おせち料理

Osechi ryōri is the traditional Japanese New Year’s cuisine. Osechi ryōri consists of several dozen elaborate dishes prepared in advance and served cold in layered lacquer boxes called jūbako.