19 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up How You Feel About La La Land While #LALALAND lulled in the middle, and I was starting to worry, the last 30mins is one of the most beautiful happy sad 30mins of cinema this year and it brings this movie back to the where it belongs, in my Top Films of 2016. It is the cinematic representation of a jazz song. Something LA LA LAND and WHIPLASH director Damien Chazelle thrives at. Marvellous on every level. Out Boxing Day in Australia from eOne Films. salty...

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{cr: @fandomtravellers } aw hey guys im so tired omfg but i cannot sleep on ze couch when tickets are selling out but you cant buy them at that moment oH nO pls woah the 90s were 20 years ago lol whut is this movie well probs last post for tonight hey who else watched the youtube fanfest? i watched the livestream on youtube goodnight/good morning (exactly midnight woah ok maybe a minute past it lol now two) p.s you are like rlly cool haha yay.

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Happy. A 2011 documentary that explores what really makes people happy (and what doesn't). Interweaving the latest research from positive psychology and footage from 14 countries, it shows the importance of family and friends, physical activity, flow activities, novelty, cooperation, and helping others. Available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon.

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These are so gooood. I want to make movies of these. Btw I'm Revenge af. But I'm pissed that there's nothing about Bullets.

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Why does Josh always look so good in PINK? << because real men wear pink, that's why

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Newt and Tina | Newtina | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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I don't understand why they couldn't keep his 3rd-movie hair for the rest of the films! Harry's 3rd-movie hair was just perfect. :)

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