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Happy Leif Erikson Day

In highschool, I made a reference to this spongebob episode, and I got an A for the random pop-culture reference. XD (no joke) Leif Erikson Day: October 9th! :D


Leif Erikson, "discovers" America, doesn't unleash mass genocide. #justsaying


Leif Erikson Day (October 9) honors a viking explorer known as Leif Erikson. He is believed to be the first recorded Nordic person to have visited the area that is now the United States. It is believed that he visited Baffin Island and Labrador around 1000 CE.


Happy Leif Erikson Day! But who was Leif Erikson and why does he have a national day of observance? Leif Erikson Day is an annual American observance which occurs on October 9. It honors Leif Erikson, the Norse explorer who led the first Europeans believed to have set foot in North America. Leif Erikson (Icelandic: Leifur Eiríksson, Old Norse: Leifr Eiríksson or Norwegian: Leiv Eiriksson) The date ‘October 9’ is not associated with any particular event in Leif Erikson’s life. The date was…

Ideas for happy leif Erikson day celebration. Learn the importance of Leif Ericson in the life of Americans.

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Happy Leif Erickson Day! Hinga dinga durgen

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'Never Forget - The Native American Genocides

"The Trail of Tears" was the forced relocation and movement of Native American nations from southeastern parts of the present-day United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830. It has been described as an act of genocide. The phrase originated from a description of the removal of the Choctaw Nation in 1831. Many Native Americans suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation while on route to their destinations, and many died, including 4,000 of the 15,000 relocated Cherokee.