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House of Hanover family tree 1714-1901.
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The dental crown jewels: How Queen Victoria wore her daughter's tooth on a brooch

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Hohenzollern Castle,Germany (origin of the mightiest Royal Family apart from the Hanoverians and the Wittelsbacher Germany) The Hohenzollern: German Emperors,Prussian Kings,Margraves of Brandenburg and Nuremberg (once upon a time, of course).

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(Trust me, you'll think that title is funny in a minute...or at least worthy of a groan.) Ever had one of those days where you have the pe...

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I'm so excited to share this: The first ever photograph of Queen Victoria! Taken in 1844, she is seen here with her eldest child, the Princess Royal. ♥

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King George I (1714-1727). House of Hanover. 6th great-grandfather to Elizabeth II. Reign: 12 yr, 10 mos, 9 days and succeeded by son, George II.

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Culloden 1746: The Highland Clans' Last Charge Culloden marked the end of the last and greatest of the Jacobite adventures - the '45 Rebellion - in which the Highland clans challenged the power of the Hanoverian King of England. It was at Culloden that Charles Edward Stuart's army was finally defeated. His tired Highlanders had little chance against the steady infantry and heavy artillery fire of the English.

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The gold locket which Prince Albert sent to Queen Victoria from Coburg before they were married, containing a beautifully executed miniature of himself.

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