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How to Hang a Perfect Gallery Wall... Without Nails

Okay seriously this is the most brilliantly amazing home decor tips I have ever seen! Gallery walls are totally not overwhelming anymore!

How to Hang Pictures Without Using Nails

How to hang pictures without nails. Nail holes, Command strips, Art hanging systems. cable and track, gallery rails room dividers and easels are discussed here.


How to Hang a Picture ('Cuz You're Probably Doing It Wrong)

The absolute easiest way to arrange a gallery wall without making nail holes, um, everywhere? Trace each frame onto butcher paper, mark the tightened wire height or hook position, then stick them to the wall with painter’s tape.


20 Unexpected Ways to Hang Pictures on Your Wall


6 Ways To Hang Photos Without Using Nails


Decorative Picture Moldings and Hangers

Decorative Picture Moldings and Hangers - just discovered our "crown molding" is actually picture molding used to hang pictures without putting nails in the walls!