Mould polymer clay around cheap metal pipes from ebay in different figurenes such as; flora = fauna, pokemon, animals, creatures, foods, characters etc. and sell them :)
Blown glass pipe
I actually own this one, it's so beautiful and a quality piece. Get at The High
I know there's a joke about seaweed in here somewhere...
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liberty 503 glass skull themed hand pipe
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Six Shooter 2.0 Metal Hand Pipe (Comes With Grinder) - 420 Weed Mart
Alyssa's First Holy Communion cake featured a stunning purple sugar rose, rosary beads, and a hand piped plaque.  The top tier was chocolate mud cake with a vanilla cookie-crunch filling and the base  (Top Cupcake Pink)
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Icky Stick Smooth Smoking Hand Pipe
This Bee Glass Pipe Is amazing. This people are amazing at glass art pipes bongs