She did not want to move, or to speak. She wanted to rest, to lean, to dream. She felt very tired. - Virginia Woolf

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In utter shock and disbelief I bend down and touch a finger to where dry dust had been only a moment ago.

did I dare touch the river's water. I, the rain man, the man of the sky. Did I dare touch the earth's water.

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How I raise my hand when theres a substitute teacher. Reserved, yet I know what she/he is saying wont be on the test.

➰ Free from clutching at themselves, the hands can handle; free from looking after themselves, the eyes can see; free from trying to understand itself, thought can think. In such feeling, seeing, and thinking life requires no future to complete itself nor explanation to justify itself ~Alan Watts

GHOST - These hand Multiple Exposures are so simple , but when they're in black and white they're so beautiful. I thought this would be an incredible way to capture art via movement.

Melody turned around to see a strange girl standing in the doorway. There was a smudge of crimson in her side from what seemed to be a wound.In her hand was a soft, dancing light. Melody gasped softly. There was a long pause. "Who are you?" Melody whispered. An eerie chill filled the air, and Melody waited for an answer. The girl shuffled uncomfortably in the doorway and looked away. Suddenly the girl spoke in a soft whisper. "Apologies. I couldn't find a…

Ever Wondered Why Popcorn Is The Default Movie Theater Snack?

teenageers: “Holding steady ~ By Kevin Carden ” Motivation Hall. Any age. Welcomes Kevin Carden. For “Holding Steady”! While “the candle’s burning low”. Melting wax and.

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You're so cold but you feel alive Lay your hand on me One last time (c)

There may be some marbling from the black in the bath and the white paint...

I only have a milk— and tear-filled brook and you were always over and above. — Rainer Maria Rilke, excerpt of Before the Passion (tr.

My Mom used to make bread daily when I was a kid.......and she did it so well.  :)

bread of life. " I myself am the living bread come down from Heaven." " If anyone eats this bread he shall live forever; the bread I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.

s l e v i n a a r o n . p h o t o g r a p h y holding flowers

WHO:Bartosz Slevinaaron Madej WHAT: Secret Garden 8 WHY: I like this piece because of how the different body parts are silhouetted by the coloured water. By adding the flowers it has made the art seem more feminine and delicate.