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Eye of the Beholder

Drawing of Hands Holding Something | My Hands Holding My Eye by ~Szkolok on deviantART

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25 Extraordinary Photographs

"The artist on this platform holds pieces of flame in her bare hands, and she forms them into snakes and flowers and all manner of shapes. Sparks fly from shooting stars, birds flame and disappear like miniature phoenixes in her hands."

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Tina laughing: is something supposed to be in there? Newt flustered but grinning widely BC SHE SAID YES: Yeah, uh, hold on *turns to hunt down niffler then turns around and holds out his hand to her* "Like old times?" He would say witht that grin she loves so much. And she would laugh and tease him as she took his hand and they ran through town chasing a fantastical beast.

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Adding a hand holding something, seeing it in a different light Teelocker by Kamil Sarnowski, via Behance

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35 Examples Of Creative And Meaningful Typography Art

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