Add veggies. Ham, shredded cheese, 1 egg scrambled, sprinkle with chives(optional), bake @ 350° for 10-15 minutes

Ham Quiche Cups

Breakfast Ham & egg Cups To make this a Keto breakfast, I'll forgo the hash browns, use regular vs. reduced fat cheese, and ham that hasn't been sugar cured. Kirkland brand deli ham has no carbs!

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Breakfast is the hardest meal to manage everyday in my house. But really, it's the most important meal. I mean, you just don't function rig.

These cute little make-ahead egg cups would be great for company! Yum! 21 Day Fix:  1 1/2 RED, 1/4 GREEN, 1/4 BLUE

Cheesy Spinach, Ham & Egg Cups

Cheesy Spinach Ham & Egg Cups - This easily made-ahead, perfectly portioned recipe has so much fantastic flavor going on with a rich, runny egg, the cheesy spinach and smoky ham, that no one will know (or care) that they’re also secretly healthy!

Baked Ham & Egg Cups - who knew baking eggs would make them so fluffy! These are awesome and they freeze really good too!

The Country Cook - Baked Ham and Egg Cups using just a small handful of ingredients. So simple but these are SO good and eggs come out super fluffy. Lots of variations too like tomatoes, green peppers or bacon!

Quick, simple and delicious breakfast cups. Make ahead of time for a protein-packed grab-n-go breakfast anytime. Paleo & gluten-free recipe. #paleo #glutenfree

Easy Paleo Ham & Egg Cups

Paleo Ham & Egg Cups - Paleo & Gluten-Free A quick, simple and delicious breakfast cup. Make ahead of time for a protein-packed grab-n-go breakfast anytime.

Low carb breakfast??? Maybe some egg before the cheese. May just have to try this one

Ham Quiche Cups

10 Low Carb Baked Egg Breakfast Ideas - A low carb diet can be challenging sometimes trying to come up with new and creative ways to enjoy eggs. These 10 dishes are all delicious and perfect for low carb, Paleo, ketogenic and gluten-free diets.

EASY Ham and Egg Cups - Sober Julie - I had tried these once but they didn't turn out as good as these look, I think it is time to try again

EASY Ham and Egg Cups

EASY Ham & Egg Cups are a quick solution to breakfast Don't skip breakfast my friends, take a muffin tin, line with a slice of ham and crack an egg into it. Bake at 350 for 20 mins while you shower and voila you have breakfast!

Savory home and egg cups for breakfast will impress even your mother in law! Even better than ham and egg casserole. Make ham and eggs in muffin tins for easy clean up.

Ham and Egg Cupcakes for Breakfast

Delicious ham land egg cupcakes for breakfast recipe that is ready in 20 minutes! Freezer-friendly, too!