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Witch's Brew Cocktail

Witch's Brew Cocktail #Halloween #witch #drinks - Recipe Diaries

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Purple People Eater Cocktail! A tasty (and creepy!) cocktail that get's it's purple hue from blue curacao, grenadine, and cranberry juice. |

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Halloween Cocktails - Spooky Screwdriver and Black Widow

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Poisoned Apple Cocktail

Channel your inner witch this Halloween and serve a delicious Poisoned Apple Cocktail to your guests |

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Suicide Squad Inspired Cocktail - The Harley Quinn

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Halloween is approaching and we've got the perfect drink recipe for your party! Trick and treat your friends with these Baileys vampire themed shots. Purée 1 cup raspberries and 2 tablespoons sugar in a blender until smooth. In a shaker with ice, mix 1 oz Baileys and .5 oz vodka for each shot. To assemble, just pour 1-2 teaspoons of raspberry purée into each shot glass, fill the remainder with the Baileys and vodka mix and garnish the edge with chocolate syrup. Cheers to a fun halloween!

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Walker Blood Sangria

Walker Blood Sangria for Dead Eats: Recipes Inspired by The Walking Dead. Recipe found on (@CravingsLunatic)

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Pumpkin Pie Shots

These Pumpkin Pie Shots are definitely on the adult dessert table for Halloween!

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halloween-shots by courtneybkmay via Slideshare

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Seduction Shot -

Seduction Shot - For more delicious recipes and drinks, visit us here:

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