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Haitian Revolution, 1791--Where Rousseau family plantations were destroyed and 6th G-Grandparents were killed by their slaves. 5th G-Grandfather escaped island before the revolution, tipped off by a family slave.


theafricanfilmfestival: Toussaint Louverture led a successful slave rebellion in the 18th century that sparked the Haitian Revolution.  Coming to Philadelphia this summer? Stay tuned.


Cécile Fatiman is known as the Vodun priestess who led the gathering at Bwa Kayiman that started the Haitian Revolution. Like Haitian healers & warriors Tante Toya & Gann Guitonn, she was a living vessel of her people. She traveled for years day & night without rest to the plantations letting trusted initiates know about the great gathering of all warriors to end slavery to come on August 14th. Holding Vodun clearing rituals as she went, undoing colonial mentacide.


Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution


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Image result for haitian revolution wargaming

Edwidge Danticat and women fighters in the Haitian Revolution on Vimeo


Conquistadores 28mm > Portuguese | Eureka Miniatures USA

The Haitian Revolution, a SLAVE uprising, frightened even those most sympathetic to revolutionary idealism. Thomas Jefferson himself refused to acknowledge its legitimacy.