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The 3rd largest city in the USA was founded by a Black man. Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable was first settler in Chicago, arriving from Europe in 1770s. He married a Native Potawatomi Indian woman (Kittahawa) & founded first trading post in area. The Town of Chicago was organized with a population of 350, August 1833. Born in Saint-Marc, Saint-Domingue (now Haiti), he built the first permanent settlement at the mouth of the river just east of present Michigan Avenue Bridge on the north bank.


First stop on our tour: #Haiti Population: 10110019 GDP Per Capita : $1800 Poverty Rate: 58.2% Life Expectancy: 63.51 This week take 10% off all our beautiful handmade Haitian products in our store! #fairtrade #earthday2016 #sandiegoshopping

AMERICA/HAITI - Four years after the disaster most of the population live in unacceptable poverty


This is Haiti's population pyramid for the year 2014, taken from Population pyramids show the distribution of various age groups in a population. Haiti's population pyramid, with a wide base, is typical of underdeveloped nations.

URBAN ANIMAL: HILLSIDE SLUM - Slum-dwelling residents of Port-au-Prince, Haiti (population 4 million, density 50,000/mile [129,500 km2]) face bleak living conditions in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country.


Celestus anelpistus, or giant Hispaniolan galliwasp. Critically endangered, possibly extinct. Native to Dominican Republic and Haiti. Population trend is decreasing, the area of occupancy is less than 10km2 with a population of <50 individuals. Threats/cause of extinction from loss of habitat.